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Birthday Appreciation

Since it is Robert's birthday next month, thought it would be very timely to express our appreciation for his music and his work. Am sure that each of us can recall memories of times his music has delighted us, enriched our experience, helped us through difficult times, etc. We all have special memories associated with his music. There are songs that mean a great deal to us. Thought it would nice to let him know!

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Questions for Robert

Robert,  What is your favorite song for you to perform solo and your favorite song to perform with Chicago? What was the most embarassing thing to happen to you during a concert event? What was your most memorable concert event? What is your favorite venue to play in? Is that enough questions?  lol.   Thanks!

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Robert on Nakedly Examined Music?

I'm guessing that folks here would like to hear Robert discuss his recent and not-so-recent creative endeavors at length, which is exactly what happens on the Nakedly Examined Music podcast (www.nakedlyexaminedmusic.com), where we take three recordings of the artist's choice and then go through them meticulously, talking about the lyrics, arrangements, stories behind the songs... whatever the particular artist wants to emphasize. Past guests have included Nik Kershaw, Bill Bruford (Yes, King…

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C for Chicago - Nice Review

On July 28, Digital Journal posted a nice review of a Chicago concert at the Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island.I do not know how to post links to this forum, but if you type in this title on a search engine, should get you there-Review: Chicago inspirational at Jones Beach, celebrates 50th anniversary - by Marcos Papadatos

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