Harmonic Adventures...

“I've recently ‘binge-listened" to a deep, effervescent prog track of Magellan’s new release “Confessor’s Overture II (Hymn For a Heathen 2015). The source of Trent Gardner’s concept of harmonic adventures could be an intimidating place to visit.

Still, it draws us in, as we happily follow the narrative… the instrumentals and vocals constantly amaze and inspire us.”
Serious talent here. We need the new, entire album soon! Please.

Robert Lamm (Keith Howland, guest)

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  • I've been visiting a little bit the Trent Gardner FB page and I had taken a look to "ICONS": I like very much the clip. Good music also, I like it! And of course special distinction to Keith Howland one guitar !!!

  • This is great.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm one of those people that tends to stick to music from the era of classic rock, but love being surprised at something new when I open my ears to it.  I certainly hear the early Chicago influence in the piano and vocals. 

  • Sounds like Yes meeting Chicago around 1972.
  • Robert - That is a GREAT song both vocally and instrumentally. Amazing. Would love to hear you both live on that song leading into a prog version of Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is
    Also love Trent and LEONID VOROBYEV and friends "partial" cover of your great song Women Don't Want To Love Me - Trent nails that song, although I'd still like to hear you on lead on that one. Thanks a lot for sharing that
    • I have been a fan of Trent and Magellan since I purchased "Test of Wills" in ~1998.  The first time I listened to it, I called to my wife and my oldest son (who both share my taste in music) and said, this is what Chicago's next album should sound like.

      Camera moves 10-12 years ahead, and Robert is collaborating with Trent.  I am blown away.

      I really loved this.  Typically, I love Trent's harmonies combined with his syncopated/disjointed melodies, and this one does not disappoint.

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