"In remembrance of my friend, please listen to these songs, inspired by his life, and his passing."

"Feel the Spirit" from Beckley Lamm Wilson - Like a Brother.

"Never Know the Story" from Robert Lamm - Subtlety & Passion.

"Out Of The Blue" from Robert Lamm - Living Proof   (Lamm/Gardner) 


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  • Wow - thanks for these songs Robert. They help me remember how selfish we are when we say the world lost a great musician when you & the guys lost that and so much more. "Feel the Spirit" & "Never Know the Story" is like standing in the past in your shoes where "Out Of The Blue" is present and even looking to the future... very positively. Nice!

    • Truth. So much compassion for Robert and the guys, and of course, Terry.

  • Soothing and beautiful, lyrically and musically.
    I imagine all of the coming milestone events... the Chicago documentary, 50 years together and, hopefully, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are bringing memories of Terry to the forefront.
    We will always remember him and the brotherhood you shared. You can count on that, Robert.

  • Three beautiful songs! I listen to very often " You never knows the story "Love so much this song! And, Who knows what Chicago the band would have become with Terry still there? Probably a completely different way!

  • Tears immediately began to flow up hearing "Feel the Spirit."  The lyrics and your vocal emotion went straight to my heart. Thank you, Robert.  I so respect you for your resiliency, talent, tenacity, discipline, beautiful creations, courageous innovations, seriousness, and many offerings of love through music.

    • "upon hearing"

    • And radical (avant garde, experimental) ness!

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