Songs that I feel apply

I have always considered Mother and Something in This City to be really strong in both the "biting" and "cynical" departments.  Oh, and also they are two of my favorites of all time.  Obviously "Critic's Choice" is pretty cynical, and a little more off-beat.  I agree with Someday off CTA.  GoodBye.  In the later albums, Policeman, Vote For Me and I'd Rather Be Rich.

Solo, off of Living Proof, "Out of the Blue" and "I Confess" both reach me in different ways that I really respect the way he is speaking.

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  • 'Fresh Garbage' by Spirit was way ahead...

  • There were a few notable songs around the early 70s about awareness of environmental destruction that I like a lot: The Beach Boys did "Don't Go Near The Water," the Byrds did "Hungry Planet," Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi." Then you also had the feel-good escapist songs like "sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy" and fluff like that.   

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