Terry Kath

Hey Everyone!Would anyone like to discuss Terry Kath? I never had the opportunity to see him with Chicago. The documentary made me wonder what kind of person he was and where would he be today if he had lived? He seemed to be a very kind and generous soul who was very passionate about his music and dedicated to his brothers in the band. If you have seen him with Chicago, met him or have any stories to share I would love to hear them.Thanks.Robin
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  • Terry was feeling somewhat smothered, as I was, with the limitations imposed upon Chicago by Management and Columbia Records. He had so much more to say than 

    continuing mega-hit - self consciousness. He was an artist at heart and died before fulfilling a creative life.

    • That was so sad and he was so young! If he were still here today you two would be awesome at writing songs and creating albums together!
    • I really wonder where Terry would have gone creatively, with or without Chicago, if he had the chance to write and play what he wanted. Your lifelong love for him is heartwarming and truly loyal. 

    • We can't put ourselves in your shoes, but we hope you enjoy singing those older hits and watching our joy at hearing them again.
      Reliving happy memories has got to be good for our hearts.
    • Hi Robert,
      It must have been so frustrating for you guys to be so creative and not to be able to use your voice to be heard in the way you both envisioned the direction you wanted to go in. You needed that freedom especially when you are as talented as you guys are and have a lot to say. I think when I watched the documentary it was apparent that everyone was close but you and Terry seemed to have an unbreakable bond that connected you like blood brothers! I am so sorry he died too soon before fulfilling his musical destiny. The sky would have been the limit for him as it is for you. Robert, believe me when I say that you carried the music for both you and Terry and I am sure he is proud of all his brothers but especially you! Thank you for taking time to share your story!
      Happy New Year!
    • Nice, Robin, as usual.
    • Thank you, Tina!
  • correction: Terry had only one child, a daughter, Michelle Kath.A couple of years after Terry's passing, Kiefer starred a film which featured Terry's widow Camelia Kath in the cast.

    They met there and later had a close relationship for a number of years.

    • Oh, then wikipedia's got it wrong, and that's where I got it from. Camelia is listed as his wife there, 1987-1990. Maybe it says "partner."
      And Terry's daughter isn't from her.
      Someone sad something about Terry's "son," so that's not true.
    • Robert,
      Thank you so much for clarifying that for everyone.
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