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Hey Everyone!If you were asked to promote Robert Lamms music, how would you introduce his solo work to new fans? What CD would you recommend first and why?Thanks!Robin

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  • As a start you have to consider Questions, Poem, Listen, Sing A Mean Tune Kid, Hit By Varese, Loneliness is Just A word and the magnificent Goodbye from V. Still sound fresh to me.

    • Hi Andy!
      You are right! That is also a great way to introduce RL's solo music by sharing all of his amazing song contributions that he has written over the course of his musical career. I remember a conversation here a while back where we all thought it would be so great if RL recorded all the songs he wrote over again with his lead vocal. I think he said it would be a huge project that would be time consuming. But his roots are throughout all of his songs. When you hear a Robert Lamm song you know it. I think that is such a great signature to have that his music flows so fluidly and he has such a distinct voice that if you know his music you recognize it instantly. The songs that he didn't sing have his writing style blueprint all over them. RL is a musical genius so I agree all of his songs should be introduced in one or another. But if you were to select one his his solo CD's to show a new fan, which one would you choose?
  • Great question Robin!  I'd play a new fan Subtlety and Passion first and say it's a very fine example of 21st century Chicago.

    It's hard to sum up all his solo albums, but I'll always respect bringing in different influences, doing new things, keeping the songwriting real and personal, and staying away from formulas. :) 

    • Hi Stephanie!
      Thanks! Great answer! Subtlety and Passion is actually my first choice also. While I love all of RL's solo music, I became a fan in 2000 so the release of this CD I was around for while he was writing and creating.He played samples on his website and we all felt a part of the process. Then he included the members of Chicago which was such a great tribute to the band and for the band. RL is one of the greatest songwriters of all time and I don't say that lightly. Subtlety and Passion defines his true artistry as a Singer/Songwriter and Musician in such a way that we can all relate to him. That is why I feel new fans would relate to this CD as an introduction to RL's music. Great answer Stephanie!
    • Well said Robin! 

    • Thanks Stephanie!
    • Hey Everyone!
      Does anyone else have any ideas on what RL Solo CDs they would like to introduce to a new fan?

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