Birthday Appreciation

Since it is Robert's birthday next month, thought it would be very timely to express our appreciation for his music and his work. Am sure that each of us can recall memories of times his music has delighted us, enriched our experience, helped us through difficult times, etc. We all have special memories associated with his music. There are songs that mean a great deal to us. Thought it would nice to let him know!

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  • One of my favorite RL solo songs is "It's a Groove This Life."  He had me from the first line "I've always been a dreamer.  Hit the Floor Running. But I don't forget to pray."  Interestingly, when I first heard that song and searched online for the full lyrics, one source had the line "...but I don't forget to bathe."  LOL! Aren't we all dreamers at heart and isn't life a series of ups and downs or grooves filled with people who continually delight and disappoint us?  The challenge is to change and grow and make the most out of our lives.  I also appreciated that Robert wasn't afraid to profess his faith.

    My husband Mark shares the same birthday as Robert, October 13.  Hope yours is filled with love and laughter, RL!    

  • Yes Robert Lamm is such a special guy that he definitely deserves a wonderful birthday recognition!
  • My birthday is October 22nd maybe that's why I feel a connection. I think he's the coolest of Chicago voices. I love when he comes on stage and sings Saturday in the Park...very sexy. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and travel to Detroit to see Chicago especially Robert Lamm. Happy Birthday, Bobby!
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