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Robert,Have you ever thought about working with Brian Wilson on any upcoming projects? I know you and Carl Wilson along with Gerry Beckley just clicked and were magnificent together on BLW Like A Brother!Thanks.Robin

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  • One of my favorite songs "Watchin' the Time Go By" from Beckley, Lamm Wilson's "Like a Brother" performed live here by Robert Lamm and his solo band - Great discussion Robin.

    • Thanks Mary! I love that song also!
  • It's a sweet idea ...Brian and I are very good friends, we have so much history.

    The trick is getting him into the studio, while I'm doing a project. These things happen when they happen. 

    • Robert,
      I remember a few years ago you sharing a story about going to see Brian Wilson at Carnegie Hall on your Birthday and Brian leading the audience in singing Happy Birthday to you! How cool that must have been!
      If the project with Brian happens I am sure it will be magical and worth waiting for.
  • Carl would have been 70 today. I met him once. He didn't attend the official meet and greet hosted by Mike Love but I happened to see his wife Gina and asked her if I could meet him. She escorted me over to the bus. Carl had this very kind and quiet presence. I didn't say much other than thank you, and he autographed my Pet Sounds album and patted me on the shoulder. I was 13 and will never forget it.

    I saw a show of Brian's at a little club near Fenway Park in Boston when he played Pet Sound in full, another wonderful moment. He's a big guy but always seemed so fragile. 


    • My little hometown in New England was very well known for its 4th of July celebration, and they usually had a somewhat famous band. In the early '80s, The Beach Boys were supposed to be the headlining act, but due to several circumstances, they ended up playing in DC instead. I'm not sure in the end if The Beach Boys were just a rumored act or if they withdrew.

      Well, there were tempers flaring in town that w'd been shunned, etc. and lo and behold, the next year, The Beach Boys played our state park, though no t in matter he 4th of July. The park was not equipped to handle concerts, which made it very easy to meet the musicians. It was an amazing show, though!
    • Hi Briana!
      That sounds so fun! I'm glad they made it to your town. I never saw them in concert. I'm sure they were great when they played with Chicago too!
    • Hi Stephanie!
      Nice song! You must have been thrilled. I never saw them in concert. I only ever heard about Carl Wilson when RL spoke about him. He seems like a really genuine soul.
    • A second golden era of The Beach Boys, in my opinion, overlaps with Chicago's classic era of the early 70s with albums like Sunflower, Surf's Up, Carl and the Passions, and Holland. The Beach Boys were at one point playing live with a five-piece horn section. I do wonder where they got that idea!? That's on You Tube too, a Central Park show. This part of their history doesn't get talked about as much. Like Chicago gets misunderstood as a ballad band, the Beach Boys had all this great material that has been overlooked by the mainstream who just boil them down to nostalgia. They were so much more... 

    • Hi Stephanie!
      I actually found and watched on YouTube the New Years show last night! That was really funny to watch! They were all in rare form and my favorite song they all sing together is Wishing You Were Here. Carl Wilson has such a great Voice.
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