Brian Wilson

Robert,Have you ever thought about working with Brian Wilson on any upcoming projects? I know you and Carl Wilson along with Gerry Beckley just clicked and were magnificent together on BLW Like A Brother!Thanks.Robin

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    • That song is funny because The Beach Boys are lip-synching. You hear Dennis Wilson but don't see him, and you see Mike Love but don't hear him. I loved Darlin' from that show.

    • That sounds perfect 'you see Mike Love but don't hear him'...........!

    • Only in this case Andy. ;)

    • Best voice in pop music I Can Hear Music down the Long Promised Road

    • Can you imagine the thrill it was for me to hear him in my headphones as he was standing, singing, on the other side of the mic? And he was a funny funny man. Funny and wise.

      Gerry and Carl and I were so happy to be together over the time it took to record LAB. 

    • And it is an extraordinary release. The joy comes across. i can't imagine the thrill, must have been simply amazing.
    • This picture says a lot!  

    • Stephanie!
      I love this picture!! It definitely describes the love and respect they had as brothers.
    • Robin, have you seen their 1974 New Year's special with C, The Beach Boys, Olivia Newton John, The Doobie Brothers. In recent years, VH1 has replayed it. I wish this were better quality, just a screenshot, but it would have been one of the earliest examples of Robert and Carl playing together.


    • Hi Stephanie!
      No I haven't seen any concerts or shows with Carl Wilson and Robert performing together. That is a nice picture! I will have to look for the show on YouTube. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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