"Bright Eyes": (New song)!

Hello Robert Lamm!

Thank you SO much to have added under "Rarities" section: "A Man and a Woman (duet) that I really enjoy, followed by the so beautiful brand new track: "Bright Eyes"! I Loved it at the very first listening! Obviously, I LOVE this Brazilian music style combined with these sweet lyrics and, your tender voice too! This song is nice and light as the summer breeze. LOVE IT!!! Once again, you wrote another gem!

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  • Hi Francois!
    There are some great songs on the Rarities page especially Bright Eyes!
  • Really great songs I really love More Today Than Yesterday!!
  • I really like Bright Eyes as well. Thanks Robert! The melody is lovely. I once started playing it on clarinet while noodling over a backing track. Then I remembered that I was quoting the fragmentary bonus track. It is wonderful to hear a completed rendition, nice arrangement!!

  • Hi! Where can you hear these rarities songs? Is it on this site?
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