Burt Bacharach

Robert,What was it like when you first met Burt Bacharach? Did he recognize your music and was he someone you would have liked to have worked with?Thanks!Robin

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  • I met Hal David when he was receiving a life time achievement award at a small performing arts college.  Only forty of us in the audience.  I was shocked, but pleased with the intimacy. He invited us to stay, talk, have coffee afterwards. Hal David was class, interesting, no arrogance, a true gentleman.  GENUINE.  I think that's why he wrote so well and I will always remember him.

    • Hi Gemma!
      That's a really nice story! How fun that must have been. I didn't know of Hal David until RL mentioned him but what a great lyricist! Thank you for sharing your story!
  • I met Burt, only briefly, thanked him for the songwriting lessons his work continues to provide me. He was very humble, kind of "aw, shucks" and laughed. Years later I was at a baseball game, seated behind Hal David, but an acquaintance seated next to me

    said something ignorant to him, so while I cringed, I saw my chance to introduce myself to one of the greatest lyricists evaporate. As much as I love Bacharach's composing, those songs would be vastly diminished without Hal David's heart, wisdom, and truth.

    • Robert,
      Thank you for taking the time to respond. That Burt Bacharack moment must have been something. I didn't know about Hal David but that's quite an amazing story that you were sitting behind him at a baseball game and had the oppprtunity to talk to him. That's a memory! Thanks for sharing your stories!

      I found this tribute to both of them! Enjoy!
    • Wow, Robin. Thanks for that recommendation.
      I streamed it to my TV to fully enjoy. Can't believe how young Bacharach & Dionne still look, even 3 yrs ago.
      Another gem suggestion for us to enjoy.
    • Hi Tina!
      Youre welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    • Yipes. I think we all can relate to having somebody do something like that to us, or doing it ourselves. You're right about that, it has to do with the lyrics.
  • It's fun when he does. One day I'll put my video here of meeting Robert & Lee. I don't know how to transfer iPod to iPad. Maybe YouTube? I keep stalling.
  • Does he pop in any more to respond?
    I'd love to see them again this year, but don't know yet if I can. Didn't stick around too long at the last one.
    How about you? Any Chicago concert plans?
    • Hi Tina!
      I'm not sure if he has the time. I just ask whatever comes to mind that I would like to know more about . My schedule is crazy busy. I hope I can.
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