Caribou-era albums in the Quadio box...

Robert said in an interview recently that the albums recorded at Caribou were among his favorites. The Quadio box is the best reissue of them IMHO, a very special time in terms of sound quality and creativity. I wrote about the quad mixes of VI and VII already, and think these are all really great albums. I've been enjoying this set since it came out and happy for school breaks so I can sit down and enjoy them again! (Sadly, XI isn't included in this box because it was never mixed in quad.)

As far as I know, all except VI were mixed on a Neve console.


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  • VI should be recognized for being a really landmark album, aside from it just being the first one at Caribou. Robert's songwriting was taking on some of the more introspective subjects for the first time. The whole band showed how versatile they could be with different instrumentation and arrangements. The negative reviews of the time really got it wrong. And the quad mix really rocks.     

    • We're going to have to agree to disagree on this Stephanie - 'landmark' ? Critics Choice. Hollywood, Something in the City + Feeling Stronger are good songs but the rest ugh.... nice cover though

    • Don't forget Terry on slide on Darlin' Dear! 

    • No I haven't! I'm not going to change your view but for me it's the first Chicago record where there were signs of a drop in quality - it does have Just You & Me which is also a good song but there isn't 2-3 killer songs. Worse was to follow with VIII - VII showed them getting back to a more innovative sound and the songs were much stronger - the last great record. happy new year.

    • I could never rip VI - 1st C album I ever got ( ok it was an 8 track). Actually ended up getting it later again as a Quadraphonic 8 track for a car. Pretty slick back in the day. After getting the rest of C's discs, especially CTA-V , VI always reminded me at some points as a demo tracks for PC , TK and RL solo albums. Overall a good disc but definitely a hint of changes to come. At least it gave them inspiration for the brilliant VII.
    • Maybe the greatest Chicago album hasn't even been recorded yet, but it could be soon. ;) If there's any lesson, never count Chicago out. 

      Happy New Year Andy!

  • Hi Stephanie, I have the quad box and I agree it's superb, although VI seems to be short of 2-3 great songs. Could do without the Greatest Hits too.

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