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Good Morning!

Thanks to all who responded to my long-delayed appearance here.

Until very recently, was the place to go for RLsolo CDs. It continues to be where to go to stream my music, or get the music via downloads.

From now on, is where copies of 'physical' CDs are available. 

I hope to make the many 1-off recordings we've done, into 1 compilation album. If you are curious about, or are familiar with these rare recordings, I'd like to put together a list of all of it, with your assistance. Starting with:

1. "Where You Think You're Going" (Robert with Terry Kath on guitar, backing vocals and percussion).



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  • Wasn't that also a PSA with your wife, Julie?
  • Robert,
    Have you found any other songs? What other songs are you thinking that maybe you haven't shared with all of us in the past? This will be such a great collectors item when you complete this CD! I'm so happy you are doing this!
  • Please include the song you wrote for your daughter Sean and maybe a renewed version of "Here is where we begin". I know that song sort of evolved into "Standing at your door", but I feel this version has a right to get more attention too.

    By the way, are you still thinking of making a booklet with lyrics and illustrations?

  • And also Robert you write the most wonderful lyrics that absolutely catches my ear and soul and wouldn't trade my RL CDs for anything! Your music means so much to me and hopefully you'll be able to finish up on some unfinished projects you've been working on now that you have some time off for a couple months!
  • I'm writing not to contribute to your question/request for 1 off submissions but rather to make a suggestion to add a favorite song to your live set list, Fancy Colors has always been a favorite and I would die happy if you performed it live the next time you're in Vancouver. I know fan pressure dictates that the Foster/Cetera tunes be front and center and while they are o.k. there are just so many fine RL pieces that need to be performed live! One time you did perform a little acoustic or almost acoustic set of rarely heard songs on stage, loved it! Lastly, I'm ecstatic CNN stepped up to premier 'Now More Than Ever', on New Year's Day. You and Jimmy mentioned in June that it would be 'out there' soon and you guys sure did deliver with this announcement. Thanks too for being my favorite songwriter solo and otherwise. Cole Porter was brilliant but your songs create emotion and move me beyond any other.
  • Agreed on "Where You Think You're Going" - I always wanted to hear a full-length version of it. Also any Chicago song demos would be great!

  • Hi Robert,

    How about an acoustic or orchestra version of "Wake Up Sunshine"?

    In addition, would you consider putting back your piano intro to "Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?" for Chicago's upcoming 50th Anniversary Tour?

    Thanks for asking for our input!


  • That would be great to hear a finished version of Where You Think You're Going. Maybe add some songs your wrote but didn't sing originally (Woman Don't Want To Love Me) or a updated version of a under rated classic (Hot Streets ??)

    Make it a double album while your at it - no shortage of great material
  • Sounding good!  I love "Come To Me Do" and will be interested to hear your non-horn version.  Maybe you'll finish a song or two you have hanging in the wings to add to this, too.  Keep composing Songwriter Hall of Fame Nominee (and worthy inductee!)

  • Hey Guys!

    thanks for jumping in with your suggestions. And yes, I'm thinking the 1-OFF tracks that were not on any of my albums.

    I've asked Bobby Woods (Led Deux) if I could include three of those. So far:

    This is Not America, Aeroplane, More Today Than Yesterday

    Track with Vocal (no horns) 'Come to Me, Do"


    "Recreation" (instrumental) JJ Chardeau (with Nick Lane, Lee Thornburg, Larry Klimas) my horn arr.

    "Forget You/Saturday" Mash up with CeeLo (clean version) JVE remix

    still searching ...

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