Changes for C

Interesting changes for C - losing the great Tris and also the Owen Wilson look a like .... 

Can’t help but think what a great opportunity for a Danny and PC reunion with the boys for their final years touring. 

Perfect compromise - reduce the touring dates for the band and allow RL some time for solo dates

That obviously isnt happening so unfortunately it looks like we’ll be seeing more of a “C” Cover Band

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  • Just saw the new show last night in Little Rock.  Perfect balance of songs!  Chicago II was the first set and many were not part of the "greatest hits" but songs that most haven't heard in a long time if ever.  The hits came in the second set.  In my opinion this is one of the best lineups in years.  Walfredo Reyes, Jr and the new percussionist were spectacular, no offense to Tris.  And Neil hit the spot with unbelievable match of Cetera's lyrics....better than Cetera even.  New bass player very competent and complete.  This is no cover band folks.  Musically they were perfect.  

    • I'm going to see the guys in Rogers, Arkansas in June. I've already seen them in Tulsa back in March. I agree with everything you said except come on nobody can compare to Peter Cetera (in my opinion) I mean, with me being a fan since the beginning, to me he is the voice of Chicago. But, I have to give it to the new guys. They are pretty spectacular!     

      Chicago Fan From Arkansas--Connie Allen 

  • I'm so tired of oldiess
    And moldies and goldies, that I want to cry
    Can you play free
    Or in three of agree to attempt something new ?

    • Do you really feel that way? With all due respect, the way I see it is -Bring on the oldies. These songs were what made us fall in love with Chicago in the first place. This opinion is coming from a fan from the beginning( 1967 untill now) Why mess with perfection. 

      Chicago Fan From Arkansas--Connie Allen

    • Robert's words not mine.

      Chicago fan since 1970 LONDON


    • OK. I thought they were your words. I guess if Mr. Robert said them, then they are correct. Sorry!

      Chicago Fan Since 1967--Connie Allen

    • HA - I was thinking of those exact lines last night watching the Grammys. 

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