Changes for C

Interesting changes for C - losing the great Tris and also the Owen Wilson look a like .... 

Can’t help but think what a great opportunity for a Danny and PC reunion with the boys for their final years touring. 

Perfect compromise - reduce the touring dates for the band and allow RL some time for solo dates

That obviously isnt happening so unfortunately it looks like we’ll be seeing more of a “C” Cover Band

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  • I'm so tired of oldiess
    And moldies and goldies, that I want to cry
    Can you play free
    Or in three of agree to attempt something new ?

    • Do you really feel that way? With all due respect, the way I see it is -Bring on the oldies. These songs were what made us fall in love with Chicago in the first place. This opinion is coming from a fan from the beginning( 1967 untill now) Why mess with perfection. 

      Chicago Fan From Arkansas--Connie Allen

    • Robert's words not mine.

      Chicago fan since 1970 LONDON


    • OK. I thought they were your words. I guess if Mr. Robert said them, then they are correct. Sorry!

      Chicago Fan Since 1967--Connie Allen

    • HA - I was thinking of those exact lines last night watching the Grammys. 

This reply was deleted.