There seems to be some confusion, understandably. I confuse myself sometimes.

This particular Forum is for people who are interested in the SOLO work I have done in my lifetime. Before, during, and hopefully, after Chicago.

I will comment occasionally on questions or references to Chicago, but that is not my focus here. Please visit the new official Chicago website:

The new album "Time Chill: A Retrospective" ..... (dropping June 2, 2017)  we offer solo recordings and remixes, some previously not released.

Omnivore Recordings and I agreed there is a unique quality to these 15 tracks. These are among my favorites.

Needless to mention, but I will, the remixes of my Chicago songs are not meant to refute the originals, but further render them. I love what John Van Eps does.

note: Rhino does not own any Robert Lamm songs or solo recordings.

Rhino owns Chicago's recordings, but not "Now", "The Nashville Sessions" and "Chicago & The Chicago Symphony Orch."

I hope listeners will remain open minded. You'll like it or not, it's really just a matter of taste. I'm the same way.


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    • Pete, I've been found out ! And I have all the back catalogue of The Sons, as my mum would say what what a schmuck. When you think Robert has sung with the Chump & Carl Wilson it begs some questions about his role in the band - where was the quality control or someone to say Bill just ease back with that voice. Have you seen that interview with his wife? It's very funny.

    • I think he made the right choice with CW......

      I'm sure the other was not his call to make unfortunately.
    • I agree, to me, both albums are fantastic.

      Night and Day - wow, one song after another of fantastic reworks and reinterpretations of classic standards.  The best part is, to my kids, who had never heard the old '40's originals, these were just fantastic songs.  A great job of working with classic pieces.

      Stone of Sisyphus - a really cool album.  I was 30 when it was recorded, and 40 when it was released.  Some songs just stretched boundaries, others were great, and some (Bigger than Elvis) were just cool.  Stone of Sisyphus and The Pull stand up to the classics in my opinion.  The rest are such interesting songs that stretch the boundaries of where popular music was, and more importantly, where Chicago was at that time.

      I enjoy both of these records so much.

    • I agree with Robert and Franc. My favorite modern era C albums are those two and Now.   

    • I was talking about Robert's solo albums from that time: Life Is Good, In My Head, and Like A Brother. File under "L," like he said. :) 

  • I love what Van Eps does to the original C material. Kinda like a guy renovating a mansion and knowing what features to keep and what to update without losing the original look and feel. Not sure I woulda felt the same way 20 yrs ago but everything evolves or it dies.
  • Hey I'm always open to any type of music you have to offer and yes seriously I do look forward to your new cd coming out soon and particularly I prefer to hear your solos most days and of course Chicago but your solo is the best!
  • Robert,
    I cant wait for this CD to be released! I know it will be amazing!
  • I always look forward to your solo work Robert, and this album is no exception!
    Looking forward to June 2!
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