There seems to be some confusion, understandably. I confuse myself sometimes.

This particular Forum is for people who are interested in the SOLO work I have done in my lifetime. Before, during, and hopefully, after Chicago.

I will comment occasionally on questions or references to Chicago, but that is not my focus here. Please visit the new official Chicago website:

The new album "Time Chill: A Retrospective" ..... (dropping June 2, 2017)  we offer solo recordings and remixes, some previously not released.

Omnivore Recordings and I agreed there is a unique quality to these 15 tracks. These are among my favorites.

Needless to mention, but I will, the remixes of my Chicago songs are not meant to refute the originals, but further render them. I love what John Van Eps does.

note: Rhino does not own any Robert Lamm songs or solo recordings.

Rhino owns Chicago's recordings, but not "Now", "The Nashville Sessions" and "Chicago & The Chicago Symphony Orch."

I hope listeners will remain open minded. You'll like it or not, it's really just a matter of taste. I'm the same way.


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  • Oh..
    Love your old stuff the best so I'll be sayin' "adios, amigo" to this forum.
  • I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover your solo work, it's brilliant! I've been listening through Tidal. Now I've wandered into this treasure trove, another happy discovery. I'm really looking forward to the new album, "Time Chill: A Retrospective", it will be on my must buy list.
    Cheers all, and hello from a newbie
  • I know I am as guilty as many, if not more guilty of blurring the lines of Chicago vs. Lamm.  I will be more careful in the future.  I know I will purchase the CD despite already having most of the songs already, but I will still purchase it.

    I do want to raise a question.  If Robert were to "re-record" a Chicago song, there would not be an issue with Rhino would there?

    The reason I ask is this.  Here is a pipe dream of mine.  For Christmas, my oldest son who loves all "my" music, and loves RL both solo and with Chicago, purchased a CD for me.  Greg Lake - Songs of a Lifetime.  Greg went on a solo tour and played solo songs, King Crimson songs and ELP songs.  Additionally he included an Elvis song and a Beatles song.  Between the songs, he told stories about the songs, the albums, the people involved, ...  It is a fascinating album.

    There is no other artist, other than RL that I would love to see engage this type of concert / cd release.  I have to admit that as much as I love listening to RL's music, I find any interview he has ever done to be spell binding.  I find his takes on almost any subject to be unique and interesting, and I would love to see him stab at a project such as this.

    • No issue with Rhino, to record a song from any album. If I were to do such a song, I'd probably arrange it differently.

      But if you're asking about an exact replica, it gets a little sticky. 

    • I know exactly what you mean.
  • I am fond of the 90s in particular and happy to see that era represented in Time Chill. It was new and fresh for me then and still is. At that time I recall a lot nostalgia in classic rock, but all three of those albums were just new music period.
    • Gosh we're going to disagree about the 90s - please point me in the direction of a great Chicago record from the 90s? I must have missed that gem?

    • Stone of Sisyphus. 

      Night and Day.

    • Hi Robert, thanks for the reply. As a fan since 1970 and CTA holds a special in my record collection I have to say SofS does nothing for me of course it has the dreadful voice of Mr Champlin - I rate the last record as a return to form 'More Will Be Revealed'  is a great song from your pen.

      Thanks for the great music over the years.

      Andy from the UK!

    • Com'on Andy admit it you have posters of Chumplin in your room across the pond
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