Chicago Sun-Times Article/Interview

Be sure to read this article. Who did and who did not get in this year is interesting. Plus, Robert mentioned Burt Bacharach as influence, and we were just talking about him. Berry Gordy will be inducted in the same class because he put off last year's induction, a neat footnote considering the influence of Motown on Chicago, the horns and the songwriting.  

I don't hear too many great concise pop tunes anymore, songs that will stand the test of time with talented artists to record them. I wish those ethos would come back. Wake Up Sunshine, Old Days, Any Day Now, ABC, etc. 

Song Hall Article

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  • Are these all Chicago songs you mention as being part of your catalogue of great pop tunes, or is that one from The Jackson 5?
    Have you ever listened to any songs by Bacharach, sung by any of the vocal greats, or any of the original Motown songs from the 60s that could have influenced Chicago?
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