"Chill" and "Tanglewood"

Hi Robert.

What an outstanding career collection "Chill" is! New arrangements of time-honored RL music and new cuts too! FOUR Thumbs up. I have been buying RL solo stuff since I accidentally found "Skinny Boy" in the New Releases LP Bin at my local record store in 1974.  As a Chi fan, I immediately picked up and basically wore the LP out on my junky turntable.  I have been faithfully picking up RL discs ever since - YES including Skinny Boy 2.0

I know that you want to keep this site to devoted to RL, and I also know that you are not likely getting a cent of royalties from "Live at Tanglewood 1970."  But just wanted to ask where were those Tanglewood Recording Engineers about a 18 months later at Carnegie Hall.  The sound is OUTSTANDING - even by today's standards!  I think the overall sound is better than Live in Japan.  Yup, there are some mistakes and some feedback but MAN were you guys cooking!

Peter B

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