Christmas/Holiday Songs?

Hey Everyone!The Holidays are upon us so I was wondering what are you listening to for Christmas? Can you recommend some music? Also what are your favorite RL songs from the Chicago Christmas CD?Thanks, Robin

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    Great question as always, Robin!  Hope this link works - This is one of my favorite Christmas songs that I am listening to and enjoy so much.  It is this Chicago Christmas rendition of "Winter Wonderland" with our favorite guy, Robert Lamm, singing the lead vocal and having a wonderful time. He has such a great voice.

    Looks like this video is from one of the morning news shows, maybe the Today Show, and is dated 2003.  

    I have "Winter Wonderland" as the first song on the Chicago Christmas CD, "What's It Gonna Be, Santa."

    Enjoy!  Thanks for the other posted links, and best wishes to all this Christmas season - Ann

    • Hi Ann! I love that song and I was there! It was the Today Show! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the kind words! You have a great Christmas season as well! Robin
  • I'm going to go alternative here and pick unique styling of "Feliz Navidad"

    • Hi Mary! I love Roberts voice so this is another great song!
      Thanks for sharing! Robin
  • My favorites mainly are The Christmas song and Christmas Time is here that he sang I could just here them over and over again!
    • Hi Shannon! Christmas Time Is Here is my all time favorite Christmas song and Roberts version is so amazing! The Christmas song for RL to sing, he is so classy so this is such a fitting song for him! Thanks for sharing! Robin
  • One favorite RL Christmas song of mine is Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem that he shared on one of his older websites for us to hear.

    I also love RLs version of My Favorite Things!
    • Robin - ditto!  Those are both wonderful.  Always fresh, innovative arrangements - even with some of the most recorded Christmas songs.  Remarkable talent and an amazing work ethic - and love for music.  Appreciate your sharing these - Ann

    • Hi Ann! You’re welcome! What I love about Robert is he takes whatever song he is singing and makes it his own like your hearing it for the first time! Amazing artist! Robin
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