• Funny at the Meet and Great at Bethel Woods I asked RL if he was going to do any solo shows in the Fall - got no response...

    I'd love to see him at the Beacon in NYC, as I'm sure a lot of other people would.
    • Hi Pete!
      I agree that a show in NYC would be so amazing! Thanks for your response!
  • Nice question-
    Just finished listening to Leap of Faith yet again. Excellent arrangements and really highlights Robert's voice. I don't know how large that venue was, but it really gave the sense of a more personal interaction with the audience.
    So with that in mind, a venue which is smaller in size, in a smaller city, with an inspiring outdoor backdrop- Saratoga, Lake Champlain in Vermont in the fall.
    Would like him to consider these:
    Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
    Another Sunday
    I Could Tell You Secrets
    I Confess
    Living Proof
    Girl Talk
    Send Rain
    Standing At Your Door
    Watching the Time By
    and lastly, a duet with Tony Bennett - Nice and Easy.
    • Hi Ann! Nice setlist! I think a small venue with a relaxed setting is a great idea! Thanks for your response!
  • Well If it were me I'd definitely create his own show in Brooklyn where he was from. I think it would be so fascinating to see him perform in his home town and as for the songs his choice!
    • Hey Shannon!
      Great idea! That would be as much fun for him as it would be for his fans!
      Thanks for your reply!
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