Hey everybody,

Is anybody on here going to the Detroit venue next weekend?  

Also, just curious as to where everybody is from.  I currently live in the Toledo, Ohio area but have lived in various places in the United States.  Is anybody else on here from Ohio?  


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  • Ann, I will gladly ship our snow to you in the winter and take your extra long summers and the heat that goes with

  • I was born in Alliance and both of my parents grew up in Jefferson County. Now, I live outside Chicago. O-H!

    • Hi Becky, thanks for sharing. No pun intended on, but I live Chicago not just the band but the city. Did you see the guys tonight?
  • Hi, thanks for asking. I live in Arkansas, my hometown is Hot Springs- also known as Hot Springs National Park!
    Ohio is a great state. My dad's family are all from Ohio- Bucyrus, Mansfield, Upper Sandusky, Cleveland.
    • Ann, thanks for sharing!! I travel to Mansfield, Cleveland and Sandusky for my job. Bet the winter weather in Arkansas is much better than Ohio's.
    • We would like more snow here- might trade with you. Summers are quite humid and hot and last about 5 to 6 months out of the year.
  • I live in Mechanicsburg, PA which is near Harrisburg. I have lived in Huber Heights ( near Dayton) and Lakewood (near Cleveland).

    • Hi Mary, that is very cool.  I live near Toledo, but used to live near Dayton.  My job involves driving all over the state of Ohio and I get to Cleveland very often and actually over to Youngstown near PA. How far are you from Youngstown?  Thanks for sharing.  

  • Wow, the Chicago concert in Chicago will be amazing. Yes this will be my forth Chicago concert in a short period of time I three different states. Have a blast!!
  • Sorry Felicia but won't be able to afford another trip to Detroit. I'm already flying to Chicago on Wednesday to see them plus I did see them in Durant in March and then again in Dallas so definitely won't be able to have anymore plane money until next year.
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