• First Robert Lamm solo I’ve heard Skinny Boy!!! A very fantastic cd too!!!
    • Hi Shannon! That is a great CD! What songs do you like best? Thanks for responding! Robin
  • Hi Robin, thanks as always for the great questions. Probably the first solo I heard was “Where You Think You’re Going”. It was short because it was a PSA - but wished then and still do- that it were longer.
    For albums- it would be “Skinny Boy” with one of my favorites- “Love Song.”
    • Hi Ann! I love both of those songs and I wish Where You Think You're Going was longer too! Thank you for the kind words and your response!
  • I started with "Life Is Good" and first connected with "All The Years" then maybe "When The Rain Becomes A Part of You".  great thread.  thanks Robin! 

    • Hi Mary! My first song was In My Heads Swept Away! Robert was doing an interview on a local cable station and I stumbled on it and that song was being played in the background! I ordered the CD and it was on backorder so they sent me Skinny Boy! My favorites from there are Love Song and A Lifetime We. When The Rain Becomes is another great song from Life Is Good! Thanks for your response!
    • I love "Swept Away".  Fantastic duet with the late Phoebe Snow 

    • Hi Mary! It is a great song! Robert has recorded some great duets and collaborations that he has scattered throughout his solo CDs! Thanks for your response! Robin
  • Temporary Jones from Skinny Boy.
    • Hi Andrea! That is a great CD all around! Thanks for your response!
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