Gerry Beckley

Robert,I was wondering with all the writing you have been doing and all the collaborations you are involved with, have you also been working with Gerry Beckley on anything?Thanks.Robin

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  • Gerry and I have not time to collaborate lately, he is so busy. He is very prolific, but I am very very slow. He travels constantly, as do I, but we find ourselves going in opposite directions. He is a dear friend, and I hope to see him this summer.

    • Robert,
      You guys lead very busy lives and I hope you do get time together this Summer to visit and maybe write something. You both have an amazing sound vocally together that can't be denied. I remember when you toured together a few Summers ago and the fun you guys had on that stage. I hope you get to share that again someday. Thank you for the response!
    • Hopefully you guys will eventually catch up soon and maybe do some song writing together.
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