Great Article from '07

There is very good background information here about some of Robert's songs and his early musical development. David Chiu Interview with RL 

One of two songs that Lamm wrote or co-wrote on the album is “Come to Me, Do,” a tender number that recalls the classic Memphis soul sound of the ‘60s.

“I love Al Green and I love that whole Stax era,” said Lamm. That’s where the band started. When we were in college playing in bars and clubs in Chicago and the Midwest, a lot of our repertoire was from that era. I was attempting to write a song that was very stripped down, kind of like an Al Green song.”

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  • And a very great song too!
    • I'm glad it's liberated from XXX, an album I don't know what to make of. 

    • His Bossa Projects album is a very unique style of Robert's classy song and his velvety tender voice and always worth listening to and I have it in my iTunes library!
    • Yes, nice combination of new songs and also a way to introduce people to classic bossa nova, plus the wonderful woodwinds, a big highlight for me. It is a beautiful album. I'd love to see JVE produce the next Chicago album, with Tim Jessup as engineer. 

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