Great read from Ned Colletti

AVAILABLE SOON! Our good friend Ned Colletti's new book "The Big Chair" with insights on the trials and celebrations of his 35-year MLB career! Preorder at or catch him in person on his book tour in a city near you!

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  • Hey Robert!
    Thanks for sharing this with us! Robin
  • Thank you for posting!
  • Baseball! Didn't someone in the past put on this very forum an admonishment for the subject of posts that were not All Things RL? Who was that person? Oh wait. That was you, Robert Lamm! Well, I guess since you are the creator of the forum and the subject of the forum, we, your fans, will overlook this sudden change in rules. And, most likely, because we are fans we will look up this baseball guy and his book. Rock stars can be very trying at times. (BTW, sarcastic emojis on this forum would be helpful so that one does not inadvertently offend)  :-)

  • Thanks Robert!
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