Greatest Hits... or Favorite Songs?

Earlier in this thread, I indicated that I was thinking about a 'Greatest (solo) Hits' project.Thanks to all who posted their suggestions. Obviously I never had a hit from my solo work, but many of those albums contain some of my favorite songs.I'm also tempted to re- do solo versions of my C catalogue. That is a bigger, longer project.Finally, I'm thinking that to do any of these retrospective projects, diverts energy and time from composing newer work, whether for C, or RL solo.

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  • There's also nothing wrong with continuing to be creative at "the side bar", and once in a while bringing a few of those gems for publication on the C albums, just as you and Jason have done in recent years.

  • Why not break the BIG project down into eras of your career and put them out in segments...that way the "project" won't become all consuming ?

  • Hi Robert,

    Even though I loved your REMIX Album, you don't need a "Greatest (Solo) Hits" product.

    I would prefer that you channel your energies into producing "New" RL songs similar to your recent song "More Will Be Revealed."

    Furthermore, you should consider showcasing your "Solo" work live in front of a concert audience. 

  • RL isn't the most prolific song writer and even took a sabbatical (I think that's what it's called) from Chicago when he was asked to cease writing for the band as they pursued the middle of the road. We do need more RL songs - originals not covers or re-makes. I still maintain that the last Chicago record would have been stronger with ONLY RL songs. I view shared song writing credits with suspicion.

    • Couldn't not agree more; Robert you're an amazing songwriter. I wouldn't mind the odd cover, but only as an addition to a solo project, not in place of one. That moment when a new Chi or RL project is released and hearing those songs for the first time is magical!

  • Amen, Robert, DO NOT DIVERT YOUR ENERGY. Continue to utilize all your current energy in bringing us NEW MUSIC … both with Chicago and your RL solo projects. Your goal should be to get as much RL music out into the world as possible. This is your legacy!!!! The world needs MORE (much more) of your wonderful music!!!

  • Robert, You have written so many songs, solo and with Chicago that you would have a huge project ahead of you with either route you chose. I always wanted to hear you sing all of your own songs but I realize that would take quite a while to re-record them all. Then, there are so many favorites, how do you pick which ones to add to the Greatest Hits? Whatever you decide to do, it will be worth the wait. Robin
  • Hello Robert, Here are my favorite solo and ban peices from over the years......

    Crazy brother john
    Its a groove
    Mystery of moonlight
    Another Sunday
    Living proof

    Brand new love affair pts 1&2
    Lonliness is just a word
    Hit by Varese
    Something in this city
    Hour in the shower
    In the country
    Another rainy day in NYC
    Come to me
    Devils suite
    What your missing

    Of course, all the regular hits too
  • fireplace and ivy ~ my favorite from skinny boy. any compilation is going to be worth the effort. im in agreement w/Mary Pat Hyland's list from January.

  • RL Greatest Hits surely not we don't need any further hits collections and I've read Robert has said no more hits or holiday collections which to be fair are truly awful. For the 50th let's have a DVD audio with interviews with the band who were on it. Happy to celebrate their longevity but the real diamond has always been the CTA record - Rhino released this on Quad CD a few years ago which showed there was till much to listen to on that timeless record. Let's avoid another compilation. In fairness RL had little to do with MOR diluted sound that we had in 80s onwards.

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