• ' Appreciate all the birthday wishes...
  • Happy Birthday Robert late
    I was on vacation in Cuba but I thought you all. Your new CD I brought and he played for two weeks.
    Happy Birthday again
    Gin xoxox

  • Happy belated birthday Robert. Hope your day was, and that the years ahead will be, as special as you are to all of your fans.
  • Happy Birthday Robert!! I hope you were able to enjoy your day with family and friends.
  • Happy Birthday Robert, from a grateful admirer and fan who has grown up with you and Chicago since I was 16 , when you opened for and blew Janis Joplin off the stage in Sacramento in 1969. No disrespect to Janis, but you guys were and still are amazing. I hope that much "more will be revealed" as you continue to grace our world with your incredible talent. We're still listening!
  • Hi Robert,

    Hope you have a wonderful, very happy birthday!!  Thank you for the incredible music you've given us over the years!


    Dave Koffer

  • I wish you the best of all birthdays. I hold dear the friend you were to me so long ago. God bless.

  • Robert. I hope you had a great Birthday, could relax, enjoy your day and do something for yourself since you give so much of yourself to your fans. You are the most handsome, good looking 70 yr. Old I know. Thanks for giving us such fantastic music through out the years. Love you.
  • Happy birthday Robert!  45 years since the first time I saw you perform.  I went to see the Iron Butterfly and fell in love with the warm up band.  So much so that I hired Chicago to play at my high school in October of 1969.  You had just turned 25 then. Many years, many concerts, many memories and lots of music since then.  Thank you so very much and I'll see you next year!

  • Happy Birthday Robert! May you have as much happiness on this day as you've given all of us over the years.

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