• I am embraced by the emotion of "Joy" when I listen to "Crazy Happy" which I find myself doing a lot lately on the ride home from work.  The song is a wonderful composition of musical notes that are blended together instrumentally,with the bass, piano and flugel horn integrally mixed with some incredible vocals.  My take on the words....a love story about a new relationship that brings such a high level of happiness, you know the new relationship is there to stay.  It is simply another Robert Lamm contribution of creativity that hits hard the depths of my soul's joy.  I am grateful for the song.       

    • Hi John!
      Crazy Happy is such a great song! It's such a nice feeling when you find a song like this one that makes you feel such happiness! Thank you for sharing your story!
  • All The Years - frustration but hope at the same time, because the progress and optimism of an earlier era of history and music can still inspire

    Naked In The Garden Of Allah - also frustration and anger towards our govt. starting useless conflicts  

    Feel The Spirit - happy that Robert and all of us were blessed with Terry's and Carl's lives and music, even if they were way too short

    • Hi Stephanie!
      Thanks for your reply! The songs you chose are some good thought provoking choices! There are so many songs that I am sorting through which ones I want to write about.
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