• Oh, yes. You can feel his emotion, you can relate to his homesickness and joy about getting back home..
    Joni Mitchell wrote California, which is just so wonderful, so poetic. Same thing - homesickness.
    Have you listened to Joni Mitchell's or Laura Nyro's work?
    • Hi Tina!
      I don't know Laura Nyros work but I heard some of Joni Mitchell's songs like Big Yellow Taxi and Help Me.
    • I was my older sister's pet, and she took me to lots of concerts. Her friends were into Laura Nyro & Joni Mitchell, so I started buying their albums. Laura wrote songs that others made popular, like Stoned Soul Picnic, Eli's Coming, And When I Die. Gifted poetess/lyricist and a favorite of David Geffen.
      Joni - one-of-a-kind voice & poetry. Mesmerizing actually. I believe IMHO she surpassed the then-crowned queen of folk-rock, Judy Collins.
      So if you were a teen in late 60s-early 70s, this was your experience on FM.
  • Great inclusive question, Robin, as usual.<br/>
    Happy. Mellow. Peacefully basking in the mood and days these songs were actually written.
    Does Anybody Really Know what time it is ?
    25 or 6 to 4
    Wake up sunshine
    The road
    In the country
    Questions 67&68
    I'm a man
    Saturday in the park
    So many...
    • Hi Tina!
      Thanks for your response! RL does have a lot of great songs out there! Did you ever hear Happy Cause Im Going Home live?
    • I actually included more songs than just Robert had written.
    • That's ok.
  • Hi Stephanie,

    For the last week, I have been listening to nothing but RL songs on my IPOD.  

    During my last Mid-Life Crisis, I left the business world to open a woodworking shop.  I recently created a Dining Room Table for a customer, and also owed them a matching Bench.  For the past 7 - 8 days, I have been working on it.  On the first day, I plugged my IPOD into my workshop radio/player and decided to listen to only RL Solo songs.  Well, each day I have done the exact same thing.

    Last weekend, my wife was away on a recruiting trip (college coach) and while I was laying in bed at 3 AM Saturday morning, unable to sleep, the lyrics from "I Confess" burst into my head.  As I thought about them, I altered several lines to reflect where I was, and was blown away by how closely/exactly they reflected everything I had passing through my head as I stared at the ceiling.

    I had always enjoyed that song a great deal, but now I would have to say it touches me more than any other song anyone has ever done.  It has hit the nail on the head as I review my regrets in life, my evolution as a man and husband/father, and how I feel towards my wife.

    I lied there in bed at 3 AM and was blown away as this song just kept blasting through my head.  Each time, creating a new reality of where I am in my life.

    It is interesting how in different phases or times of my life, different songs by RL grasped exactly where I was at that exact moment.  In some past time, he must have been feeling the emotions/happiness/pain that I felt, yet he was able to articulate it musically and lyrically.

    • Hi Franc!
      What a beautiful story! I remember when RL first shared the song I Confess on his My Space page a few years back and I instantly loved it! I hoped he would include it on a CD in the future and when he finally did I was so happy! I Confess is another one of RLs heartfelt songs that can make you feel all kinds of emotions. Thank you for sharing your story!
    • Lovely story Franc. <<hugs>>  I share your love for those lyrics, and such a beautiful arrangement by Robert and Hank Linderman. Have you read the notes on it that Robert wrote on this site? It was submitted for Chicago XXX and turned down. Crazy. 

      Everyday I try to look for something beautiful around me. It could be art, nature, the spirit of life itself, or just something humorous.

      I get the mid-life crisis thing, even though I'm only 41. I changed careers five years ago, and now I'm thinking that teaching won't work out for me at all. I stand up for the underdogs kids and the creatives ones who are misunderstood by the system. But the system doesn't want someone like me in their doors. I wish I could fix it!      

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