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I’ve just added two new CD selections to my online store, Leap of Faith - Live from New Zealand and Subtlety & Passion. We also have a stock of CD singles and will be including one free (while they last) with any CD purchase as a thank you for your support and inspiration. You can shop our online store at

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  • Thank you so much for adding Leap of Faith.  I lent my original CD to someone whom I thought I could trust to listen to it and return it; however, he lost it!!!  I thought I'd never be able to obtain another copy.  Since I saw your solo show in LA, this CD has extra special meaning and memories.

  • Great! Did not know Leap of Faith cd was available- ordered that and Living Proof. Received a prompt response by email that these are on their way. I am looking forward to listening to them soon!
  • Will these CDs include lyrics and notes about the songs?

  • I can't remember the last time I bought a real CD (as opposed to downloading) but I'm looking forward to Leap of Faith!

  • Thank so much Robert though I have almost all your music now! Listen to them a lot and really enjoy them including your newest one Time Chill!
  • Thanks for the information, I just ordered Leap of Faith!
    I am really looking forward to listening to it, and adding it to my collection!
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