• 25 or 6 to 4 has always been such a favorite of mine.

    Watching this DVD told me that the song would have been so much better with Robert's Lead Vocals from the very beginning.  Peter and Jason always did a great job on this, but especially live, it was actually difficult to understand the lyrics.  Seeing Robert sing lead on this was mind blowing.  This is how it should have been from day 1.

    I know I am biased in that I have always enjoyed Robert's voice the best.  I know some songs sound better in the upper ranges that Peter and Jason hit.  I just feel that this song sounds so much better with Robert's vocals.

    The original was a 10 out of 10.

    This version was a 15 out of 10.

  • Love it! Thankfully many of the songs are also covered in Subtlety and Passion. I missed the original sale of the DVD and had to settle for piecing together the YouTube downloads. However, by chance i won a bid for it on eBay. All this to say, I think many fans the world over would appreciate re-issuing the DVD (and getting a decent marketing campaign to promote it). Finally, sure wish RL could find time to do more solo California...Sacramento...or even Carmichael :-).
  • How do you deal with writer's block, especially in regards to lyrics?

    thank you


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