Lyrics needed

Robert, Would you post the lyrics to The Love of My Life? I like to figure out the meaning of your songs and there are a few words I am not sure about in that one. Thanks.

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    Robert  Lamm / Jim Vallance © 1998 Blue Infinity Music/Almo Testatime


    so many people with a story to tell 

    the world’s full of victims

    and if you asked them what they’re trying to sell

    they want to drag you down with them

    they want to drag you down with them


    in the end the love we live with

    is the love that we wait for

    and the waiting cuts like a knife

    in the end the love we hoped for

    is the love that we learned with

    looking for the love of my life

    the love of my life

    there’s not a day when i don’t open my eyes

    random moments of fashion

    your heart will guide me when my head tells me lies

    I’ve still got the passion

    you know I’ve still got the passion 


    nevermind tomorrow

    it’s only a gypsie's fantasy

    time we have is borrowed

    only wanting what we’re needing

    needing only what we have today


    alt chorus:

     got to treasure every moment

    every moment is a good time

    and I never have nothing to hide

    got a sense of someone who cares

    automation is deadly

    looking for the love of my life

    the love of my life


    • Robert, I just found out from Robin, who seems to be a wealth of knowledge concerning your music, that I have guessed the wrong lyrics to Another Sunday. She told me the line is "memories tugging at my sleeve".  Geez Louise!  I thought it was "talking at my sleeve" which, of course, doesn't make any sense at all! I really wish you had a list of all of your solo work lyrics on this website.  You may not think knowing the words to your songs is that important but I think your lyrics qualify as beautiful poetry, but they need to make sense, for heaven's sake! Now, I am sure you will say you are a busy man and have no time for such trivial matters. Well, how about an adoring college intern who would probably work for free?  Pick your favorite music school and make someone's day.  You don't want to be misquoted or misunderstood,  do you? Anyways, Another Sunday is one of my favorite songs, even more so now that I know all the lyrics. BTW, if you are not paying Robin for her efforts on this forum, you might want to consider it. She is most helpful.

    • Thanks. There is a lot of wisdom in those words.

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