Hi Robert hope to find you doing well and I'm certain you are because you have quite a bit going on for you this year with being inducted into the songwriters Hall of Fame and again congratulations you definitely deserved it and summer touring with the band. I just want to say that the meet and greets I've been to which was the one in Durant Oklahoma and then again in Dallas, Texas and of course a couple times before by the busses I think you are far from being unfriendly! You are definitely the most gracious and sweetest guy in the band! And I thoroughly enjoyed standing next to you both times I did the meet and greet and definitely want to do it again in Chicago and looking forward to it! Just keep in mind that that you have some very loyal fans and I'm one of them so if anyone ever tells you or mumbles out that you're unfriendly and decides to avoid standing next to you oh well it's their loss their problem! And BTW I'm mostly introvert too so it's all good and keep up the great music! Your smiles and handshakes are priceless and definitely worth my time and money's worth! Anyways safe travels and look forward to seeing you and Chicago in Chicago! Shannon

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