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Hi Everyone! I don’t know about you but this time of year is the most wonderful time! People are happier and kinder and maybe you can feel and see magic in the air! I also remember good times and fun moments! I really enjoy this website and the discussions we all used to have here! I noticed there isn’t a lot of activity anymore and I know there are fans out there somewhere! Here’s what I’m thinking, maybe we could start up discussions again right here but directed to Robert Lamm! I’m hoping in his busy schedule that maybe he will come back here and chat with all of us about his music again or his artwork, favorite books or solo projects! I hope you all have a Mery Christmas and Happy Holidays! Love and Blessings to you all and your families!Robin

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  • Question for Robert:  What remains on your professional bucket list?  In recent years I believe you mentioned wanting to compose a musical score for a movie. What else? Collaborations you still hope to make happen? Are solo performances this fan's wishful thinking?

  • How about we talk about lyrics? Which are our favorite lyrics and why? Or, any lyrics we don't understand?  One of my favorite songs is Another Sunday.  However, I don't know what "talking at my sleeve" means. Am I hearing that right and what does that mean?

    • Hi Mary! I have a discussion about lyrics somewhere here! But it’s a great idea to start a new thread about it or talk on here. Is it ‘memory tugging at my sleeve’ you are referring to? Here is the video!
      It would be great to have a lyrics page here! Thanks for responding! Robin
    • Oh, tugging!  That makes more sense and it is clever too.  Thanks.

    • You’re welcome, Mary!
  • I think that is a great idea Robin.  I am sorry for not being more active here. I will pay attention to the discussions and participate and hope we can all draw Robert back here.  I do agree with Mary Megna on the situation.  

    • Hi Felicia, It would be fun if we all had some great discussions again! Thanks for your response! Robin
  • I think Robert is like a rare bird who occasionally makes a stop at this bird feeder (the forum) and we are the bird watchers. It causes us such delight to see him but we don't know how to draw him to the feeder. It is a strange relationship between the artist and the admirers. Both need each other but for different reasons and on unequal terms.  .......Just a thought about the situation.

    • Hi Mary! That’s a great thought and I agree with you especially about not knowing how to draw him in. It was just fun when everyone was here before talking about everything music and RL would come by and add his wisdom to the mix. Thanks for your response! Robin
  • Hey Robin hope you are doing well and yes we definitely need to start back up discussions directed to Robert I know that it’s been a super busy year for him that he hasn’t had chance to come on here very much. And yes Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year we all should be kind to one another!
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