Now More Than Ever - Robert's band?

Living in England and a fan from 69 - 77 I've purchased the blu ray version of the above. Although promoting democracy the documentary highlights the drivers of the early days Robert Lamm and Terry Kath.Robert's song book appears in the early days with so many great songs it just confirms that Robert with TK were the drivers. It's a poignant tale superbly put together with some rare footage of the early days when the band were naive and still aiming high.

The abundance of great songs from Robert's book is jaw-dropping.

One of the highlights was Robert barely hiding his dismay & dislike of  'If You Leave Me Now' - hilarious.

Essential for all fans, just waiting for the TK film now to complete the story.

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  • Andy, your posts are always interesting and thought provoking. Glad to have this new info- have been thinking of purchasing this.
  • Andy - Merry Xmas. As we discussed many times TK and RL were the engine of the band for those 1st great 7 albums. 8 if you include Skinny Boy. Pretty amazing in such a short period of time. That “songbook” that RL was walking around with when he met the band paid dividends for at least 3 albums.

    I’ve been looking for the TK movie (it was out last month) on my Roku type device - nothing yet.
    • Pete, Google The Terry Kath Experience. Click on the watch button and then you can purchase it to watch it. 

    • Brilliant- Thanks
    • Did you watch it Pete?  What did you think?

    • No not yet. Hopefully next week. I met Michelle at the RR inductions last year- really nice girl, so I’m hoping it came out good
    • Pete Merry Xmas to you -  yes we have - the film touched upon the inner workings of the early days, that I knew little about. When I bought VI there was no inkling it was recorded in the 'devils playground;....although on reflection the songs there perhaps indicated that all was not well within the band. Best wished for 2018.

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