Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago

We can meet in this thread to discuss the movie. I just think that a band with such a great history, so enduring over decades with so many hits and classic albums, deserves to have their history recognized and told honestly. I really think that's what we're going to get, and Peter Pardini has presented it in a very engaging style with interviews, vintage footage, and cinematic recreations with actors.

As RL fans, we all want to understand why his material was marginalized in the 80s. We'll hear his story, and a variety of other perspectives, and come to some closure.  

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    • In the early 70s you had guys like Lester Bangs and Robert Christgau writing unintelligent things about Chicago, and other bands too. They weren't doing their jobs, which is to analyze music fairly. It seems to me in retrospect what they were doing was trying to be counter-culture figures and scoring points in the sub-culture anyway they knew how. Maybe they wrote fairly about some bands but not others, but most of what I've read from them is rather lame. It sounds like Bangs wrote on drugs too. You can look up their writings on-line or go to the library. 

      More recently Chris Molanphy from Slate and NPR took it upon himself to argue against Chicago, even linking the old reviews. He was arguing that because of the Look Away video (which came out when he was 18), Chicago weren't worthy of the Rock Hall. That was a big red herring. He knew that C were nominated on the strength of the classic era and that video was merely a relic from 1989. 

    • So transparently against them.
      Goid catch.
    • Critic's Choice - how they quickly evolved from darlings to scourges in the eyes of the critics,  I would have loved to hear opinions on this (I'm talking in the mid 70's - way before Street Player) - here in the UK they quickly became the target of the critics - by III they were never given the plaudits afforded to the debut record CTA. During the 1973 UK tour they had their glitter suits on and there was no return from that here.

  • I really loved how Robert cut through the mystique of the Caribou environment and told it like it was, a dysfunctional place. Of course, we know how great those records sound and the studio itself was wonderful in terms of audio quality, but it was very admirable to say it wasn't a good environment. I know many of the older fans looked at those gatefolds of VI and VII and romanticized about Caribou. However, things weren't always better in the old days. The video from the mid 70s with Robert and Walter joking in the studio about it being a "monastery" was a great contrast to the earnest gentlemen they are now. I'm glad we live in the present.   

    I wrote a review last night right after I watched it. I usually sleep on my essays before I press "publish" but I wanted to get it out right away. You can read it here: Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago Review

    • I'm going to lose my mind about not catching this movie.
      Where are you all watching it, and is there more than one.
    • Don't worry Tina. The distribution is in the hands of Film Rise, and the disc is forthcoming. It premiered at a few film festivals early in 2016, before the Rock Hall Induction. I never saw that version of the film. For the CNN premiere on New Year's Day, it was updated to show the Induction, and CNN did some editing but presented it with "limited commercial interruption." When CNN aired it last Saturday, they did some further editing, taking out the 25 or 6 to 4 recreation as well as the Tris and Wally drum solo because they didn't have the sponsorship this time to not interrupt it with lots of commercials. 

      However, the disc will be the full film with bonus features, and I've heard that the running time is about doubled as compared to the original CNN airing. 

    • I knew it was on New Year's Day and I hear you all catching it again on CNN, so I'll just wait for the DVD.
    • Whatever they were doing I can't imagine any of those Caribou albums being any better. Like everything else it always comes down to excesses and it's always easier to see that looking back especially with drug use.
      I'm sure I'm gonna get some disagreement here But really is anybody gonna tell me that those first 6 studio albums would have been as good as they are if there wasn't a little "experimentation" going on ?????
    • The point is, people romanticize about Caribou, but it wasn't really what people thought. Walt said he'd visit Boulder to get away from it. Their stories let us understand their history as it really was, breaking down the myths.  

    • Joe Walsh made two great records up there Barnstorm and The Smoker.

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