Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago

We can meet in this thread to discuss the movie. I just think that a band with such a great history, so enduring over decades with so many hits and classic albums, deserves to have their history recognized and told honestly. I really think that's what we're going to get, and Peter Pardini has presented it in a very engaging style with interviews, vintage footage, and cinematic recreations with actors.

As RL fans, we all want to understand why his material was marginalized in the 80s. We'll hear his story, and a variety of other perspectives, and come to some closure.  

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    • Hi Stephanie!
      I know! I appreciate them so much! You gotta love what you do and it's so apparent they do love it even at the price they had to pay. Did you see when Lee was giving his Hall Of Fame speech and he was thanking his family and he said something to the effect that he was away for most of his kids lives? I felt bad realizing how much they all gave up for their fans and a life on the road.
    • Hi all, this is a very good discussion by real fans of the band. The 70s are certainly looked at through rose tinted glasses but the reality is as David Crosby said recently your first record contains 5-10 years of song writing and playing - so it will perhaps be the defining record.- look at CSN debut? As an older fan CTA remains their defining statement I'm not being romantic even now listening on a good set of phones or speakers new things reveal themselves. Those of us who listened on MONO players always tried to decipher the spoken words on the third verse of DAKWTII and TK's guitar moving around the speakers on Introduction. Someday stands up as a great lost protest song.

    • Andy, just promise me you'll read my review in March. I get to see two shows, both from the front row with just Chicago, no co-headliner. And they play long sets, Ballet in its entirety, and usually an acoustic set. Robert's been singing Another Rainy Day in NYC with Ray playing the sax solo, so I hope to hear that and maybe he'll surprise us with another rare song or two.  

    • Stephanie not sure who "romanticizing" about the '70's but there's NO doubt that C's best and most creative work came in the decade of the 70'. Just "Listen" to the stuff from the decades since then and much of it sounds dated and just hasn't held up as well as those 1st 7 albums. Obviously RL's solo work is an exception to that.

      The reality is if it wasn't for that 70's material they wouldn't still be around. They worked they're asses off in the 70's and it's allowed them to survive off that for decades. Good for them
    • I think the 70s were very romantic because I was there, they really were. A whole different mood, mindset, feeling of togetherness, bliss -- or maybe it was the pot.
      Yeah, the pot. Good pot.
    • My favorite albums are CTA, II, III, V, VII, SOS, N&D, and Now. I'm keeping the X-mas albums out for another week or so too; I love Lee's and Robert's vocals on them and great horn arrangements. So I like things from every era, plus all of RL solo, but they need to be judged not just by studio albums but by their legacy on the road as a live band as well. 

    • "but they need to be judged not just by studio albums but by their legacy on the road as a live band as well" - AGREED !

      I never heard the Xmas albums. As to your favs I'm pretty much with ya but I have to admit I was / am totally underwhelmed with SOS. Too many ballads, nothing really groundbreaking, lack of wow factor in general. But "Now" had that "wow" factor and then some, possibly due to the fact it's been so long since something of that quality was released
    • If you get one Xmas album, go for the What's It Gonna Be Santa collection!

      Anyway, I'll write a big review in March of the current line up and live solo show. 

    • Looking forward to it.
    • March 17th ?? That's the Charleston show - my daughter lives in Charleston, I might surprise her with tixs
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