Hi Robert, this is journalist, author and songwriter Jamie Reno. I just wanted to thank you again for providing your inimitable keyboard prowess to "Away," my tribute to the legendary Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. The song also features Carl's son, Justyn, and Dennis's son, Carl, singing with me on the four-part harmonies. I wrote it the night that Carl passed away. He was a brave cancer warrior, and one of my musical inspirations all my life. And I know he was one of your very close friends. As you know, I'm a three-time, 21-year cancer survivor and global advocate for cancer patients and their families. The song has been part of several projects that inform and inspire cancer patients and their families. Robert, thanks again. You've been my musical hero since I was in elementary school. Hope you all like the song:

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  • Hi Jamie! Great song! Congratulations on being a survivor! You are a real hero!
    • Robin, thanks so much. I'm not a hero, just trying to make the best of a bad situation. Life is good. And, to coin a, um, phrase, this is only the beginning.  :)

    • Jamie,
      Thanks for sharing your song and your story! As RL once said, Let the real hero's walk the stage. It is a hero who endures what you must have gone through. Be Blessed! Robin
    • Thanks Robin! 

  • Beautiful, heartfelt song. Congrats on kicking cancer’s bum and for all you do for cancer patients.
    • Allison, thanks for those very kind words. Glad you like the tune. If you listen closely, you can hear Robert's famous staccato piano playing, especially at the fade at the end of the song, where we kept Robert's piano part up in the mix as the rest faded. Such an honor to have Robert play on my song. A lifelong ambition fulfilled. 

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