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When about a year ago, I resolved to acquaint myself with Robert Lamm's solo oeuvre in the decades past his first effort (Skinny Boy), somewhere along my survey I came to his 1999 album, In My Mind, and I was so pleased to see he had duets there with the great Phoebe Snow (she died before her time in 2011).  Lamm's two songs he crafted for his duets with her are tenderly sophisticated pop jazz, perfect vehicles for her vocal creativity -- "The Best Thing" and "Swept Away".  Not only are the styles reflective of Lamm's continual openness to music genres over time, but I even notice the way he sings on for example "Swept Away" shows he's been listening attentively to the changing music scene (at that point, of course 1999) and adapts & blends it into his own unique vocal tonality. 

I'd been a fan of Phoebe Snow for years, and find especially her two albums Second Childhood and Never Letting Go -- to be her best.  It was quite a treat to hear her work with Lamm.  And in "The Best Thing", particularly toward the end, their voices together produce a very sonorous match.

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  • I love the work they did together. Wish they had had the time and opportunity to do a whole album of amazing duets.

    • ZoSia followed in her footsteps and made her own tracks!

    • Yes. ZoSia certainly did great and I respect her and I admire her vocal (and writing) skills but to me Phoebe Snow’s vocal abilities were magical and of no comparison.

    • I agree; her power, range, and ability to inflect her voice practically make her the best of all female singers (though I'd have to think about that before delivering my final answer).

  • Phoebe recorded the title track on a tribute album to Laura Nyro "Time and Love"

    • I love the line "So, Jesus was an angel and mankind broke his wings" and how they both sang it. 

    • I just listened to it, quite moving.  It's almost like Laura Nyro wrote that song for Phoebe, it fits her like a suede glove, lyrically and melodically.  It would please me even just to hear Phoebe sing the phone book!

    • I'll definitely have to check it out.
  • Well said, and credit to John Van Eps for his production values. I have Second Childhood. It's lovely.

    Another powerful and soulful female vocalist who I recently discovered, and died way too young, Laura Nyro. 

    • Thanks.  Ah, I'm not familiar with Laura Nyro -- will have to look her up.

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