Sifting Through Robert Lamms Solo Music

Hey Everyone!I know most of you have collected or are collecting Robert Lamms solo music, so I was wondering what was the first RL solo CD you bought and what was the first solo song that sold you on his music? You can post audio or video here if you like and want to share so everyone gets to hear and/or see your selection.Thanks.Robin

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  • It was an album, and I didn't buy it ;) After it became clear that I was a Chicago fan for good, my dad bought me a record player for Christmas, one of those suitcase deals almost bigger than me at the time, lol! I'm pretty sure I was in kindergarten, so that would have been Christmas of '76. He also got me several albums. I remember the Beatles greatest hits (the red vinyl one) and Chicago V, along with Skinny Boy, though there were probably a couple more as well. Dad's gift was soooo much better than the dictionary my grandmother gave me, Heck, I couldn't even lift the thing! It was one of those huggge Oxford ones that must have weighed almost as much as me and seeemed to be a foot thick.

    I knew the Beatles stuff and Chicago V, but I hadn't heard Skinny Boy before, so I remember Dad putting it on and being so impressed that the was an entire ALBUM of Robert singing. I wore out the grooves in two or three copies of Skinny Boy before high school.
    • Hi Briana!
      I love your story! You and your Dad sound like you are very close! Sharing the same love for music must have been so incredible. I really love Skinny Boy too because it's raw and edgy and soft and romantic. A lot of good music! Thanks for sharing!
    • We sure were. Sadly, he passed away when he was 45 and I was 17, as a direct result of his service in Vietnam (Agent Orange exposure led to cancer).

    • Hi Briana!
      I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your Dad! That's so sad!
      He certainly loved his music and sharing it with you! Those memories are priceless and forever!
  • The persona asking questions in In This Country is very real to me. I remember a lot of people like that. They listened to a lot of Bruce Springsteen and worked at plants with defense industry contracts in Connecticut. I just knew I had to get the hell outta dodge. In the early 90s, the Democrats in the state legislature hatched a plan to bring casinos into the state and Steve Wynn wined and dined them all, promising the casinos would bring jobs. The Republican opposed the casinos on moral grounds and that they'd bring crime. I just thought it was absurd to promise jobs, that would never materialize in huge numbers, to people who were hurting.

    To say the least, it was a difficult time and place to grow up, and to this day, I enjoy the persona answering the "work-a-day hero" and his (Robert's) wisdom. This song is like Dialogue Parts 3 & 4. 

    • Growing up in southern New England 'round the same time, I remember the frustration all too well. I left home at college and never returned to live. Now...I'd consider it, if only house prices weren't so expensive. Stephanie, I'm sure we were at some shows at Great Woods together :)

    • I was travelling for most of '97-'99, then when I graduated and got back to Boston in '00 it seemed so much had changed with a lot of my classmates taking "signing bonuses". I was too busy in my own world to know how to play that game, but I couldn't pay 500K for a condo, that is for sure!

    • Hi Stephanie!
      Roberts songwriting is very deep rooted and from personal experiences as he has said sometimes he got ideas just from reading what was in the paper that day and how it affected him and those around him. I think he is a very brilliant songwriter to be able to compose lyrics and the melody to define everyday life around him at the time in the way that he did.
    • I love the visual imagery in many of his songs too.. plus it is very much a Libra trait to be able to empathize with several sides at once. Lee, a leader and consensus figure, is another Libra.:)

    • Hi Stephanie!
      I agree that RLs songs have great visual imagery. It brings his music to life and it takes you on a musical journey with him.
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