• S&P was the first solo album from any Chicago member that I purchased, and it has become one of my favorite CDs.  Robert considers it his homage to C (and what an homage!), but to me it almost sounds like he wrote the songs intending to be the next great Chicago album.  With most of the band participating in some way (either all tracks or cameo appearances), it is a smashing album - from the fabulous songwriting to the horn arrangements.  I love all the tracks, but my personal favorites are Gimme Gimme, Another Sunday (the corollary to Saturday in the Park), Intensity (besides Terry's solo, love Larry Klimas on the bari sax), For You Kate (Robert outdid himself on this one), and It's a Groove, This Life (love Walt's flute here).  Whoever on the original Chicago forum suggested I check out this album in 2004, a big Thank You shout out to you.  A very worthy purchase if you don't already have it.

  • One of My all time fave RL albums along with the live version of the tunes from "Leap Of Faith"

    Robert Lamm - "Gimme Gimme" from Robert Lamm on Vimeo.

  • I like "Intensity" because it is a great song, but also for what it has and the back story. If I recall correctly, the guitar solo in the middle was actually Terry Kath laying down that track, probably for some project that Chicago was working on. When Robert was assembling the song with his producer, Hank Linderman, he brought this in and managed to work it in beautifully. You are free to either embellish or correct the story, Robert. But to hear Terry after all these years in a new composition was absolutely wonderful. The rest of the cd is awesome but that is the cut that stands out for me.

    • Yes, you are correct! This album was my homage to C ... So I invited past and present band mates to appear. This was my way of including Terry Kath. It was a cassette of a demo I had made
      In the mid 70's. It contained his amazing solo. Hank did his magic, and made it work!
  • Subtlety & Passion is by far my favorite RL solo effort, although most of the others have very worthy material. As others have commented I think much of this album really hearkens back to Chicago's vintage pop heyday (V - VIII), along with edgier bits from their beginnings. Another Sunday and For You Kate are the particular standouts for me although there isn't a bad one on the album.

  • The Mystery Of Moonlight -on loop!

  • Greatness!! Brilliant!!My family loves this cd as well and it stays in the cd changer to listen often. Subtlety and Passion is the only gift I asked for for my birthday, knowing it could not be found (I like a cd, not download) and not really wanting anything but to spend time with my family. A shoebox was wrapped, inside an autographed copy of Subtlety and Passion. Tears flowed. Such a special gift, a prized possession. The music I can listen to over and over, it speaks to me. I love the videos as well. It lifts my spirit and takes me "away".
  • I call it Chicago V.V (Chicago 5 1/2) because the songs are so good and they sound like vintage Chicago. You'd have a hard time convincing me "Somewhere Girl" wasn't recorded in 1972. Not a bad song on the album.

  • Glad you asked. One of my favorite albums of all tim and I've got a ton of them from many genres. Accessible and sophisticated music. Excellent and mature lyrics. Written by a keen observer of the human condition. This past August, during the the toast at my daughter's wedding, I quoted from " For You Kate." I didn't mean to but RL's words had me and everyone else in tears.
  • Subtlety & Passion was actually the first of Robert's solo albums that I had heard. I was actually not even aware of the album, but I had found it accidentally. Having already been a Chicago fan for over 20 years, I was interested in hearing it, so I downloaded it. I really enjoy that album. I had first heard the album about the same time that Chicago XXX came out, but I believe "Subtlety" was from three years earlier. I honestly thought that "Subtlety" sounded more like Chicago than Chicago XXX did! Much of the material on "Subtlety" reminded me of the classic masterpiece, Chicago VII. That was when I became interested in hearing more of Robert's solo work.

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