Tears for Mexico

We are so horrified by the loss of life and destruction in Mexico City and Puebla. We just returned from a tour and rekindled friendships in Mexico, lovely people, beautiful country. 

We pray.

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  • I also join the ranks of those concerned with all the recent disasters we have experienced.  For anyone who is interested, there is recent theory that seems to make sense.  There are severe magnetic storms on the surface of our Sun.  They are marked by "sun spots" because these areas are always cooler than their surrounding, and these spots are many times the size of the Earth.  If the storms are violent enough, a CME, coronal mass ejection, occurs.  The storms are rated by their intensity, C0-C9, M0-M9 and X0-X9.  C0 is the weakest and X9 the strongest.  Four days before the Mexican quake, an X9 flare occurred, the first in several decades. You can think of the CME as a giant shotgun blast of nuclear particles.  The CME is highly directional and must occur at the right place and time on the Sun's surface, in order to strike the Earth, so, fortunately, it is a rare occurrence. This one, however, hit us square on.  When this blast hits the Earth's magnetic field, it makes the field undulate, much like a huge blown soap bubble undulates.  In turn, the field inparts this huge energy to the Earth's Iron core, which in turn transfers the energy through the magma until it strikes the Earth's crust. This allows the crust to move, the tektonic plates being allowed to shift or slide, resulting in earthquakes.  These Mexican quakes were so powerful because they were caused by a monster solar flare.  I am a physicist, having been trained by James VanAllen, the man who discovered the Earth's magnetic field, the "Van Allen Belts".

  • I have never been to Mexico City just Cancun and Rivera Maya, but a CO friend was attending her husband's high school reunion in Mexico City the same time Chicago was there. She said Mexico City is a densely populated city like NYC and this latest earthquake did catastrophic damage. Praying for Mexico!
  • Robert,
    Thought you guys were still there and was worried about you also as well as everyone else there! My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone!
  • So much suffering- will indeed hold them in prayer.
  • I'm so glad that you guys made it alright I was definitely thinking of you guys when you were down there anyways prayers prayers for the ones that didn't make it!
  • I was thinking this morning about how they quickly came to the USA when Houston needed aid after the hurricane.
    I hope we can return the favor.
    Sending prayers ..
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