Terry Kath Experience

I hope this note does not offend, but wanted to say I just saw The “Terry Kath Experience” documentary on AXS TV done by his daughter Michelle. The DVD comes out in December. Such a touching piece of work. Terry and Robert have been my biggest Rock heroes since 1969. Happy to see yet more recognition for their work. Not surprising, RL and the rest of the original band acquit themselves well in the doc. Beautiful yet real tribute to their mate.

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  • Chicago - Full Concert - 07/21/70 - Tanglewood (OFFICIAL) - you tube

    See Terry in his prime  - at the time up there with Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Steve Howe - watch this in case we all forget as to what a supreme singer guitarist he was.

  • Good to see this, I didn’t realize the documentary was finished. Thanks for the FYI. ..looking forward to seeing it.
  • Hendrix was right, kudos to him for saying so, Terry was the best!  In another reality, he plays on.

  • Thanks, I've seen the previews which are superb with the likes of Joe Walsh - available from ?

    • Andy, if I understand your question, FilmRise will distribute the DVD. See
    • Thank You I'll see if I can order a copy - absolutely an essential purchase and long overdue. At last Terry Kath is being acknowledged as the great guitarist he was and innovator listen to all of CTA for that.

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