The Chicago "Stage" - What is your favorite?

I have always loved how Chicago sets their stage up and uses it during their concert shows.  It's interesting to watch all the moving pieces as instruments and microphones have become wireless.  One of my favorites is the stage for the Chicago/Earth Wine and Fire show at the LA Greek Theater.  The positioning of everyone at the end of the concert is crazy good.   I now have a new favorite to my list.  I absolutely love the stage and the lighting for the performance of "Saturday in the Park" and "25 or 6 to 4" at the Rock Roll Hall of Fame Show.  The performances are very, very well done.  The following is a link that you can click on to enjoy....  The end of the clip and the audience's applause gives me chills up and down my spine each and every time I watch it. Chicago just seems to get better and better. 

Going to see the show in Verona, NY at the Turning Resort on November 19.  Looking forward to seeing that stage set.  I haven't seen Chicago since the summer of '16.

What is your favorite?

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  • The Shippensburg show was great! The video imaging was fun to watch but I was going back and forth between watching the video and watching the performers. I also agree that the band seems to be getting better. They performed Fancy Colors which I had never heard before. I loved it so much I down loaded it to my playlist and was surprised to find the live performance was better than the recorded. The concert was so exciting I couldn't get go sleep that night. I don't know how the band members get to sleep after each concert.  Either the concerts have become routine to them or they most have some serious sleep issues while on tour. Ah, the perils of the life of a rock star.

  • I agree, I like the current tour video imaging, especially when the are doing Saturday.  I also agree Chicago continues to get better and better, or perhaps we just appreciate  it more. What I DID NOT LIKE about the R&R HOF ceremony was Danny Seraphine.  He made a real ass out of himself and embarrassed everyone else, which I think was his goal.

  • I have only seen Chicago perform once in Hershey, PA over a year ago. They performed with Earth, Wind and Fire and it was very impressive. Going to see them in Shippensburg on Thursday. Would really prefer to see RL perform solo but it doesn't seem to happen very often. 

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