Great lyrics that allude to Jackson's role during the original civil rights movement with Dr. King and then his candidacy in 1988, questioning whether or not he'd be true to his values or just be another politician who forgot what he stood for.

"You took action and you did the things you say.. we have ask some questions about the direction we are taking.. and will we learn from history or be content to repeat?" 

Today, Jackson is still calling out the mess we're in. I think he might have been a good president. 

Loving each other is still the answer, I think we can all agree, not the conflict and hate I read about everyday in the news. 

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  • Yeah, I'm going to come right out and say that most people who understand a little about the history of the civil rights movement & its actors, Jackson's run, or whether he has values, would probably disagree with you.
  • On the subject of great lyrics - listen to Kate Campbell 'Visions of Plenty' (Crazy in Alabama).

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