• Bit too cabaret for me.

  • I'm probably on my own with this but DTRKWTII doesn't work for me - I much prefer the CTA version stripped down without all that synth stuff. Anything with remix in the title has me heading for the hills. I'll buy it but at the age of 70+ I'm not sure this is a true retrospective of Robert's career? How can it be without his truly ground breaking songs from 1969-1972?

    • Rhino owns Chicago's material, and I am guessing it would have cost Omnivore a lot of money to include it. However, from an artistic perspective, I think the past three decades stand on their own and include some of Robert's best work.
  • Cool promo video from Omnivore! It will be neat to hear several of Robert's different styles on one compilation and how it flows between the different album concepts, with some sparse arrangements like Sunny. I hope all people listen to many types of music.     

    Omnivore Robert Lamm trailer - YouTube
  • Track by track liners means that the album will have liner notes with Robert explaining each song.

    • Stephanie, can you upload the song Robert covers, Bobby Hebbs' "Sunny?" I think it would be nice for everyone to experience the original, too.
      Mary Pat told me how to do this before, but I forgot how. Out of practice. :/
      If you can.
      Thx much.
    • *2 thumbs up*
    • Tina, Sunny is right here on Robert's Soundcloud page: RL Official Soundcloud

  • Here's some more info, copied from the website.

    First ever solo career retrospective with track-by-track liners by Lamm and five previously unissued tracks!

    As a founding member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Chicago, and a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Robert Lamm has been writing and recording hit material for 50 years. With sixteen Top 10 singles and 17 platinum albums to his credit, the music of Lamm and his band has been part of our national fabric for a half century.

    Omnivore Recordings is now pleased to announce the release of Robert Lamm’s Time Chill: A Retrospective, the first ever look back at the music Robert has been composing as a solo artist for nearly twenty years.

    This collection contains 15 songs that hail from solo albums Robert has been producing since 1999. Included are tracks from his collaboration with Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys and Gerry Beckley of America; previously unissued remixes by longtime Lamm producer John Van Eps (including a take on Chicago’s “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”) and a previously unreleased version of Bobby Hebb’s classic “Sunny.”

    With track by track liners from Robert, Time Chill: A Retrospective is the perfect primer for an up front and personal look at the music of Robert Lamm. So get out your headphones, pull up a chair, and relax—it’s time to chill!


    • I'll definitely be purchasing this new CD!
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