Originally published on January 2, 2018, The Second Disc 

Robert Lamm, Time Chill: A Retrospective (Omnivore)

The Chicago mainstay has long been one of the most underrated writers in pop and rock, and even though the band has slowed its once-prolific pace as recording artists, Lamm has never stopped making music.  Time Chill collected 15 solo tracks (five previously unreleased) from the piano man, drawing on not only Chicago’s familiar sound but also excursions into electronic music, bossa nova, and more.  Lamm titled one of his recent solo albums Subtlety and Passion, and both qualities are in abundance on this groove-packed release.  Read more here!

Time Chill: A Retropective is available on Amazon here.

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  • Dear Robert, have grown up with Chicago.. love your music. I see where Chicago is coming to Charleston WV in May 2018. A family very dear to us had a son that filled in for a sax player due to illness.. this was probably late 60’s. His Name was Larry Castleberry. Born and raised here. We lost him very early on to cancer. His career rose to him being the President of Musicians Union in NY. Needless to say Chicago was his lifetime highlight! His son lives here and is a great guy that is on many boards for non-profits. He’ll be at your show. I’m trying to find a way for you guys to at least acknowledge him and his beloved Father.. would love you to just take a minute and acknowledge his Family. Little things mean a lot. Please consider.. my contact is thank you dearly, Mike Eakle . Let’s pay it forward. 

  • About time!! Great review and well deserved. Absolutely agree with review, and thank you for posting it. Terrific way to start 2018!
  • Yay!

  • What a wonderful review and one that hits the mark perfectly.  Said much better and more colorful than I ever could. Your solo work is so intriguing and eclectic.  I enjoy listening to it all.

  • Hey Robert! I just saw this and I came here to see if it was posted here as well! Congratulations! Glad you came by and if you have a minute please join in the conversations like you used to so this becomes a lively place again! It’s rare when someone as busy as you takes the time to interact with their fans on a timely basis and I’m afraid we all look so forward to it that this place is waiting patiently for your return with words of wisdom! Anyway I hope you are well! Happy New Year! Robin
  • What, no friendly salutation or holiday greetings? Just a sales pitch? Boy, you are lucky we are true and faithful fans. Ay Yai Yai!
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