Walter Becker

Listening to Walter Becker's album 11 Tracks of Whack and thinking it is very similar to a lot of Robert's solo music.  Would love to hear what they could come up with together.  At the very least, it's worth a listen.

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  • I had to listen to a few bits of Walter's solo work, and I don't feel there is similarity with mine. I have very different objectives.

    I do prefer Walter's vocals to his SD partner's. I don't think he has really tried to maximize the recording of his voice.

    Thanks for the discussion, I'm enjoying WB's work!

  • Interesting topic, not sure I'd agree with the similarity. Donald Fagen is the strongest writer and I did read here somewhere that Robert wished that Chicago had been making music like Aja in the late 70s. There's no comparison to their work at that stage Aja & The Royal Scam are a different league I'm afraid.

    • Mr. Riggs is clearly the expert on this subject.

    • No expert just an opinion
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