I am Robert Lamm, in case you were wondering.

As some of you may know, there has been a serious re-vamping of both this website, and also the Chicago band website. 

I wish to apologize to the members who were frustrated with what the $%!@#$ was going on.

I also apologize to the new members who were graciously trying to join up and get acknowledgement from me, or anybody.


The website is the same, essentially, but built to last, and built to work smoothly. (Thanks, Fusion Productions!)

It is a work in progress and we hope to soon add some new functions.

Where shall I start? 2016 has been a blur of activity. Staring with 2016 NewYears Eve, in the city of Chicago, touring Asia, then the USA and Canada with Earth Wind and Fire. (Saying heartfelt goodbye to Maurice White and old friend Glenn Frey). Grateful to be inducted into the RRHOF. Concerts with the Hollywood Bowl Symphony, where we introduced Jeff Coffey, new guy.

But wait ... that was band stuff. How about RLsolo?

Having moved all of my archive, going through it has taken all of my very spare time. The RRHOF now has some of my personal memorabilia, but I plan to offer much of it here, to fans or collectors.

New recording projects? I've never been a man who leaves things unfinished ... but I have what feels like several groups of songs, sitting here, incomplete, waiting to find your ears. With the few weeks I have before C takes to the road, I will have made some progress. Too, there seem to be some breaks built into 2017's schedule, so I have

some decisions to make.

Again, welcome to the site.

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  • Robert, glad to hear you are still passionate about exploring, composing and performing music.  After seeing the movie trailer for "La La Land" which features a pianist, I hope you do have an opportunity to be the musical composer for a major motion picture and can scratch that off your bucket list.  Speaking of bucket list and fan memorabilia...I carried the book your wife inspired and you wrote the forward to about Antonio Carlos Jobim around the Sedona Film Festival hoping I might have the opportunity to have you sign it.  Was not meant to be but maybe I'll get the chance at concert in 2017.  As my family is moving back to CO from OK, hope Red Rocks, Fiddlers Green or the Pepsi Center make Chicago's concert tour venue list.  Merry Christmas and here's hoping your 50th anniversary year exceeds your expectations!

  • Great to hear from you!  I hope you are enjoying your time off with family and friends.  It must be difficult to be gone from home.  Always love hearing you in concert and the Hollywood Bowl was a gas in July!!  Jeff was great and you were awesome as always.  Have a great Holiday and I'm looking forward to new music!

  • Hey Robert!
    It is so great to hear from you and what you have been working on! Again, Congratulations being inducted into the RRHOF! I am really excited to hear what you have been working on! You have had a busy year and no doubt 2017 will be just as amazing for you and all of us! I hope you are enjoying your break! I know it's early but it's the season so Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!
    Thank you for the music!
  • Anyways am looking forward to seeing you guys again March 25th in Oklahoma I will be in 3rd row from the front with a meet and greet! Very excited too!
  • Hi Robert so awesome to here from you! I know it has been a very busy year for you and a lot has happened during 2016 and to tell you that I am amazed at what you are trying to accomplish!
  • Great to hear from you, Robert!
    Hope your patient muse inspires the completion of those new works soon.
    Loved hearing you with EWF in Rochester. What synergy!
    Can't wait to hear what 2017 brings.

  • Thanks so much for the update! Anxiously waiting for March 25th concert in Durant, Ok. Traveling from Louisiana , as did last year, to see y'all. Also will be looking forward to your solos, Thanks for the music!
  • Thank you for the update Mr. Lamm! I look forward to seeing the new functions, and of course your new songs.

    Speaking of memorabilia, I just purchased a negative of this photo taken by Harry Langdon, Jr. It was on Ebay. I had it scanned and printed. I guess he is a very well known photographer. If you want this negative, then I think you should have it, and I can hand it over at the meet and greet on March 18.


    • Great photo!
    • Terrific photo!

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