• At times like these I'm loving "Dialogue" , and missing the passion for politics...Cetera performed it in concert in 2016. Does he pay BMI and ASCAP fees, royalties?

    • Hi Melissa! Dialogue is a great song! I don’t know anything about royalties or such things! Maybe Robert can answer that question for you. Thanks for your reply!

    • Thank YOU! 

  • This song is worth investigating for lyrical content!

    Everyday he wakes up
    As his bare feet hit the floor
    Grabs a cup of coffee
    Straps his Magnum on once more
    Feeds the cat he lives with
    Since his wife walked out the door
    In nine years he'll retire with a pension
    Everyday he suffers
    'Cause he sees all kinds of pain
    Sometimes feels helpless
    In a world that's gone insane
    Then he wins a battle
    It restores his faith again
    It's only human kindness he is after
    He is a policeman, you know
    All the years and nothing to show
    He is a policeman, you know
    Every night he comes home
    With a sixpack all alone
    Feeds the cat he lives with
    He picks up the telephone
    Needs to talk with someone
    But the only love he's known
    Was lost forever, he is a policeman
    He is a policeman, you know
    All the years and nothing to show
    He is a policeman, you know
    All the years and nothing to show


    • Hi Andy!  I’m wondering if maybe RL wanted to be a Policeman at one time. 

  • Hi Robin! There are so many lyrics I love. Some that come to mind "time passes much too quickly when we're together laughing" All of Chicagos' songs have touched me in a different way. I love them all. 

    • Hi Connie! I agree! All the lyrics are so amazing! Thank you for you’re response! Robin

    • Hi Robin! You are so very welcome. When I am asked to talk about Chicago, I jump at the chance. Any other discussion, I'm all in.

    • Hi Connie! I know! There is a lot to talk about with Robert Lamm’s music and Chicago! A whole history of lyrics to go through too! Amazing and creative!

    • Hi Robin! You are so right. Robert Lamm is so talented. His lyrics are second to none. And Chicago's music, well, I think it all speaks for itself. 51 years of touring. Unbelievable! On June 26, I will sitting in the front row listening to this great music in Rogers, Arkansas. So many memories. As you said, amazing and so creative. Love me some Chicago!!

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