• My favorite lyrics are the ones to The Mystery of Moonlight.  It is poetry put to music. I think the song is about appreciation for the things around us and the people in our lives.  I do have a question about that song however.  What do you suppose the meaning is to the line "When will the moment finally come when I will not refuse to break"?  

    • Hi Mary! How are you?  I think the lyric Is,  When will the moment finally come, when I will not refuse to pray.  That’s definitely a question for Robert! Where is the Man when we need him? LOL Maybe he will post the lyrics here and give some more insight into the song! When Robert recorded Subtlety and Passion In 2003, he had a page on his website dedicated to lyrics and liner notes and I think even some pictures but I don’t remember everything he had written about each song. He was thorough however! I think this song received a J2 award in 2005 in New Zealand which I think is like an MTV award here in the US! Thank you for responding!

    • Well that certainly makes more sense.  Thanks for your help.  I wish he had all his lyrics available on this website and notes to go along as well. 

    • Hi Mary! You’re welcome! That would be nice!  I think it would take a lot of time that he doesn’t have. I don’t even know if anyone is looking after this site anymore. 

    • Yes, it is very disappointing that RL does not contribute to this forum any longer.  Makes me wonder why he bothers to keep it up.  However, through several of the people contributing I have learned of some very good music by RL and other artist.  And, of course, I get lyric corrections from the experts like you.  So it does have some use.

    • Hey Mary! Im no expert but I do love his music! I’m glad I can help out if I can! I do wish he participated like he once used to also!


  • Hey there! I always enjoy hearing Robert Lamm’s lyrics the most his smooth velvety voice always touches my soul no matter what song he sings!

    • Hey Shannon!Robert is one of my favorite songwriters too!  He writes from the heart! Thanks for responding! 

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